Toon Hall renovated the interior because the Silly Meter was too big to fit in!

The Silly Meter is a machine in Toon Hall created by S.I.L.L.I Labs. To know about the history of this machine, let's dive in to this silly article.


This machine's purpose is to make Toontown more "sillier" and "wackier." The machine itself does not supply power; players will have to perform "Silly Surges" to make Toontown do its thing. To do such thing, you must fight a Cog in any of the Toontown streets and destroy it with a gag. This will make the Silly Meter bigger thus making Toontown more sillier.

Coming to life

The Silly Meter has become so strong that objects in the streets (such as fire hydrants, mailboxes, etc.) are starting to become animated. Lots of sightings have been reported.

Sound proximity bug

Players have reported about the animated objects on Toontown streets (fire hydrants, mailboxes, etc.) "repeating" sounds all over again even though players are in a different place. However, Toontown fixed this bug on Wednesday, June 2, 2010.


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